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Reading Reduces Stress

"Reading was proved:

  • 68% better at reducing stress levels than listening to music;
  • 100% more effective than drinking a cup of tea;
  • 300% better than going for a walk and
  • 700% more than playing video games.
  • Reading for as little as 6 minutes is sufficient to reduce stress levels by 60%, slowing heart beat, easing muscle tension and altering the state of mind."
  • — Dr. David Lewis - 'Galaxy Stress Research,' Mindlab International, Sussex University (2009)

I have found love, romance, sadness, melancholy and happiness in between pages of these books. Ask anyone who reads books, novels and non-fiction content. They will tell you that these books help them relax and detoxify their mental state. As an avid reader myself, I find great joy in finding myself in the world of books. The best part is even you can too.

Reading a book is very easy, all you need to do is sit at a place and open the book and start off one word after another and slowly progress to lines and then paragraphs. Reading will slowly become a habit and become a routine part of your life provided you start enjoying them.

The best ways to deal with stress is to start this wonderful and angelic habit of reading books.

1) As you draw your attention from the troubles of the outside world, the window into another world of words open up to infinite possibilities.

Your thoughts that are on overdrive after a hectic day can slowly move away into something far more soothing as your thoughts now switch to the book, the words and the characters are the things on your mind, you lose focus of the things that were meddling with your patience before.

Reading Lowers Incidence of Dementia:
“Our study showed that being engaged in more reading and hobby activities and spending more time each week reading is associated with a lower subsequent risk of incident dementia.”
— Tiffany Hughes, Chung-Chou H. Chang, Joni Vander Bilt & Mary Ganguli, from “Engagement in reading and hobbies and risk of incident dementia”

2) Books can help you create that “ME TIME”

When you have a book in hand, you find time to think about everything that life has to offer. May be some new information or a character or a plot that really touches you. You find yourself thinking, suddenly drawn away from the book and focus on the things that really matter to you. These words can help you focus on things that really matter to you, either directly or indirectly. Reading Deepens our Understanding of Ourselves

3) Let go of reality and catch the wild Imagination express.

It happens at times, that you cannot quite comprehend and understand the situations that life throws at you, you need a break. You can find the fix in grabbing a fiction novel that you find, you can find that recluse in the world of imagination and laugh, cry and feel for the characters. As you hold the book you can feel its pages take you to another world, you can smile 🙂

4) It can help you find yourself

Books can lead you down paths that you never would have dared to go to, down adventures that can thrill you, also to quiet places to mull over your actions and at times find inspiration from people. It can help you find yourself in times when confusion and chaos rule your mind.

The research shows that choice, control, and the implementation of reading as a social activity are key to building a nation of those who love to read versus a nation of those who can read.

Apart from these, you will find patience, a sense of assuredness and a great deal of calmness once you start to make reading as a habit.

Personally, it has given me a window into a world full of possibilities, from a reader into a writer. The reading habit changed me for good.

Written By
Sunil Sathyendra

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Good Night 0 1260

I haven't slept alone in five years. I haven't woken up to sunshine and alarms.

Today when I have no choice but to get in bed all by myself, it feels like I have taken birth out of romanticism and forced to cuddle nightmares. Is this what loneliness feels like? I have no answers but I think this is what it is, I feel so small and lost. What if the stories about bloody Mary and the three thieves are true? Nobody will find me tomorrow and I will turn into mystery. What about the secrets and stories I haven't told anyone, will they disappear with me? My best friend will never know the truth about her boyfriend, that is sad.

Now I do not have to choose any side of the bed, it is all mine but incomplete. I will have to force myself to sleep and dream deep about togetherness and love, something I just lost. Will I wake up tomorrow with a hangover? I might gulp down a few glasses of beer and sing sad songs, a new happy place. I will be tagged as a melancholic mess. Ugh! its so quiet! Is this what poets keep reciting? This is not beautiful, it's chaotic. I do not see the moon, where did she go?

Were the stars hung up there to make way for rockets and spaceships? Will one crash over tonight? I’ll be gone then, So I will have to start all over among aliens and dodge UFOs? Okay… I need to get some sleep before the moonlight man knocks my bedroom door. Is he already watching me? Does he know I am all by myself? I can’t do this! I can’t! Wait am I too loud? Did he hear me? let’s sing a song! Yes! Uhmm “I got a ticket for the long way round, two bottles whiskey for the way…” Haha I remember how I played the cup song in school and screwed up,he was watching me from the backstage. I walked out half way the performance and he ran after me to calm me down, I had butterflies in my stomach. We were highschool sweethearts. Wait why am I blushing over this? No, it’s over and I don’t want to remember these moments. I should burn down these memories soon. Fire! I think I need to check the iron box, I smell something. It smells weird, I don’t know. Okay let’s breathe, easy peasy.

I will keep the fairy lights turned on and light music playing, uhm Ed Sheeran? Adele? let Coldplay play. Did I just say “play” twice? Wow play, say, hey, may… May? So he’s not going to be there for my birthday this time, I think I will feel hollow. I already do. Shut up! I talk too much. I am on my bed, let me close my eyes, I see colors. No just black actually.

Has it been an hour already? Wait why is it dark? Where am I? Am I trapped in a dream?

Okay now it’s 3 AM, almost there. I want hot chocolate and cookies, my stomach’s growling. Midnight craving after all. So this is what sleeping alone feels like? I hate it. Guess I will never sleep at this rate. Let’s try the old way that my aunt taught me, I will count sheep. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep..

I stretch and rub my eyes, I finally saw the sunshine.

Written By
Manasvi Bendigeri

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