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Pre Market Updates: Friday October 26, 2018
Nifty levels

Wall Street Updates

  • Amazon, Alphabet earnings disappointed
  • After big sell off day before yesterday. Yesterday they cover shorts for attract weaker bulls and in last half and hour boom FAANG Nasdaq fall 200nt 3% from top.
  • FAANG stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.
  • Bears are taking over world stock markets.

Negative Points:

  • Euro edged lower
  • Most Asian stocks declined.

Positive Points:

  • RSI continued to show bullish divergence against the price and the candles suggested desperate attempt by Nifty to form a temporary bottom.


  • Most Asian stocks declined as concerns mount that corporate profits and economic growth are peaking amid rising borrowing costs.
  • Rollovers for Nifty & Bank Nifty were higher in terms of total open last month as well as the average of the last three months, indicating further volatility in the November series.
  • Sentiment remains weak as traders roll over more bearish bets in November.
  • Nifty likely to face resistance at 10180 and support at 10000

Nifty50 Chart Analysis:  Doji Candle

  • Nifty formed Doji like pattern on the daily charts.
  • A Doji represents the equilibrium between supply and demand in the markets.
  • This signal is distinct in that prices open and close at or near the same level, indicating indecision of investors.

FII & DII Net Purchase / Sales

  • FII: -1,495.71 CR
  • DII: 339.60 CR

Options Data Tracking

Put Call Ratio

  • Nifty PCR at 1.35.
  • Nifty Bank PCR at 1.53.

Max O.I Strikes

  • Nifty: 10000 PE and 10500 CE
  • Bank Nifty: 24000 PE and 25500 CE

FnO Earnings to Watch

  • BEL
  • ITC
  • UPL
  • CAPF

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Nifty likely to trade with limited upside 0 612

Pre Market Updates Tuesday February 19, 2019
Nifty levels

Positive Points:

  • DIIs have bought for Rs 2337 crores.

Negative Points:

  • US oil prices hit a three-month high on Tuesday
  • India VIX witnessed a sharp spike and ended 10.4% higher at 18.17. Sudden upside in the VIX restricts immediate upside in the near term.


  • Looks like market participants have turned cautious ahead of the general election, the rise in crude oil prices, developments around Brexit deal, movement of rupee against the US dollar and geopolitical concerns.
  • More than 300 stocks on the NSE hit a fresh 52-week low
  • More than 500 stocks on the BSE hit a fresh 52-week low
  • Nifty likely to trade with limited upside
  • Problem will be only when Nifty falls below 10550.If these levels are broken, then Nifty is likely to revisit 10000.
  • Nifty likely to face resistance at 10760 and support at 10620.

Simple Moving Averages:

  • 50 days SMA: 10816
  • 150 days SMA: 10909
  • 200 days SMA: 10860

Nifty Chart Formations:  Candlestick and Patterns

Candlestick:  Bearish candle

  • Nifty forms bearish candle for the 8th day in a row.
  • This candlestick implies relatively strong selling pressure, and shows that prices declined during the day significantly from open to close and the sellers were aggressive.

Patterns:  Ending Diagonal Pattern

  • Nifty index breached lower end of the multi week Ending Diagonal pattern on closing basis
  • Losing momentum to the downside, when prices finally turn bullish, it can be a swift correction to the upside.
  • This wave often occurs when the preceding move of the trend has gone too far, too fast and has run out of steam.
  • In all cases, they are found at the end of the higher degree motive or corrective wave.
  • This wave pattern indicates the termination of the previous trend of one higher degree.

Options Data Tracking

Max Pain

  • Nifty max pain level currently at 10800
  • Bank Nifty max pain level currently at 26800

Put Call Ratio

  • Nifty PCR at 0.95
  • Nifty Bank PCR at 1.31.

Max O.I Strikes

  • Nifty: 10600 PE and 10800 CE
  • Bank Nifty: 26000 PE and 2700 CE

FII & DII Net Purchase / Sales

  • FII: -1,239.79 CR
  • DII: 2,336.74 CR

F&O Stocks under Ban: 8 securities under F&O ban

  • IDBI

FnO Earnings

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